Umami is the 5th taste!! Feeling delicious!!

There are five elements of tastes: sweet, salty, sour, bitter and umami.


Umami was discovered by Kikunae Ikeda in 1908. He was a Japanese chemist and Tokyo Imperial University professor of Chemistry. Umami means “deliciousness”.
This word comes from umai (うまい) “delicious” and mi (味) “taste”

Personally I got Umami by foodnetwork in the U.S. Although I am a Japanese, I didn’t realize that Umami is such special thing.

Umami on TV shows!!
In 2009, “The Next Iron Chef”, that is a reality show on Foodnetwork to select the Iron chef, had assignments with using umami to make a dish.


Umami in Magazine!!

“bon appétit” is one of the popular food magazines in the U.S., published by Con de Nast.(http://www.bonappetit.com/)
Umami recipes are featured by bon appetite online.

Mussels with White Wine
Spoon some aioli on a piece of toast, dunk it in the broth, and eat it along with the white wine-soaked mussels.
” target=”_blank”>Photo and recipe

Miso-Yaki Sea Bass
The miso marinade lightly cures the fish, which results in a pleasantly firm texture and great flavor.
(Photo and recipe)

Umami on Newspaper!

Umami is also featured on the guardian newspaper, British 2013.
Umami is well known in the world and people think this fifth flavor is very important to make dishes tastier. One of the good things about Umami is not chemical. Deliciousness comes from the ingredients themselves.

Umami in French Restaurants

h d’or is a French Restaurant in Umibe Hotel, Mie prefecture.
It is called “Water French” that means rarely used butter and heavy cream. Instead, they use of vegetables and other ingredients minerals.

(Screenshot )

Les Celebrites Hotel Nikko Kumamoto, Kumamoto prefecture.

Seasonal ingredients from Kumamoto are mainly used. Traditional and the latest techniques are also used into French cuisine.

Umami Burgers from LA
(Photo )

Here is a famous Umami Burgers! Yes, it is both for name of the restaurant and name of the burgers.
This restaurant is founded in 2009. There are 24 locations all over in the U.S. in 2014.(https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Umami_Burger” title=”Umami Burger)
Mostly American Wagyu beef are used, and the meat is seasoned with Umami sauce. Great concept and sounds yummy!



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