Our properties

Kyo Machiya Miyabi is in two Kyoto’ s main areas: Kiyomizu and Sanjo Kamanza. Convenient and beautiful locations.

■ Higashiyama ward
(Kiyomizu, Gion area)

Bairin-an Bairin-an 3 guests Shofu-an Shofu-an 5 guests
Momiji-an Momiji-an 3 guests Kiyomizu-bettei Kiyomizu-bettei 8 guests

Originally a big machiya has been divided in three properties:Bairin-an,Shofu-an,Momiji-an with indipendent entrances. Perfect for groups too.

■ Nakagyo ward, Kamanza
(Nijo Castle/ near Karasuma St. and Oike St.)

Kamiza-an Kamiza-an 5 guests Shimoza-an Shimoza-an 5 guests

This house used to be a two storied machiya and we divided into bottom and upper floor, convenient also for a big group of family or friends.

■ Central Kyoto
(close to the World Heritage Nijo Castle and lively Nishiki Food Market)

9 guests

Various sightseeings can be enjoyed while staying as a local.
Perfect for two guests.



Rate for extra guests: Yen 3.000 or Yen 5.000 for each extra guest per night(Different property); No charge under 5 years old.

Kyo Machiya